The High Rider Trend Travel System

The High Rider Trend Travel System


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The High Rider Trend Travel System


Based on car seat design, your baby will enjoy extraordinary first class comfort. 

The stroller meets the baby’s needs at different ages.The Egg shaped bionic seat is designed for the best sleeping position for a baby. 

The High Rider Trend has Seiko bearings which makes a smooth ride with universal shock absorber sand wheels that adapt to different road conditions.

The pram has a high seat, open view and provides a  stimulating journey available in 4 colours


  • Luxury design with an emphasis on high landscape
  • Seat is 60cm above to enjoy a open view.
  • The seat is 360° rotatable. It allows baby to face parents or the world for a

             stimulating ride

  • 4 gear adjustment for different positions
  • Full canopy combined with full gear rotation, a safeguard from sunshine.
  • Easy folding with one-hand-one-button design. It allows mom to fold the stroller

            while holding the baby.

  • 360° Canopy to protect baby from all weather
  •  The pushing bar is adjustable in three height positions to suit parents of different
  • For 7 to 36 months
  • Safe reverse sleeping mode

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Pink, Brown, Black, Grey