Lou Owl Night Light

Lou Owl Night Light


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Lou Owl Night Light


Lou Owl Night Light is a night light with cry sensory. This night light is a voice activated night light to help soothe and comfort your little one.


Lights up if your child wakes up. The voice activates sound sensor will switch on the owl if your child wakes up in the night.

Timer with auto shut-off. Set the timer to automatically switch off once your child has dropped off to sleep.

2 lights in 1. Owl and outer ring are two separate lights. Use together for a brighter light or separately for a low glow.

Adjustable brightness. Owl and outer ring are adjustable: choose bright, soft or ambient light.


How to use Lou Owl Night Light:

Going to bed

At bedtime you can use LOU as a room light for putting on pyjamas or for reading a book with your little one.

Falling asleep

Lower the brightness to fall asleep more easily and if desired set LOU to switch off automatically after 30 or 60 minutes.

During the night

Whenever your child’s crying, the sound sensor can automatically light up the owl. Or set Lou to stay lit the entire night.


  • Operates on AC/DC (included) and batteries (3 x AA, not included).
  • Measurements: 20 x 12 x 14 cm.
  • LOU is not a toy and is tested according to EU regulations.
  • Age recommendation: As of 10 months.

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